Website Design Client: QuantumQik Careers

QuantumQik Careers is located in Brownstown, Michigan. They help corporate employees transition out of unfulfilling jobs and into their dream career. Services include: Career Planning, Organization Transformation and Time Management.

Guiding thousands of coaching clients to exceed their own perceived potential and achieve desired Career Growth results.

Heinz was looking to create a responsive website that could reach his tribe, and a way for those quality leads to connect with QuantumQik’s Career Planning, Time Effectiveness and Work Culture product offerings.

With this particular web design project, we used WordPress as the underlying website architecture to support the many different business objectives. QuantumQik was looking for a way to publish workshops/events for sign-up, to present their lead magnets to increase sales, and an automated method for clients to schedule 1-on-1 consults. To do so, I used a blend of integrations from MailChimp to Calendly to meet the project deliverables. For the majority of the visual design, I utilized a variety of stock photography and workshop images provided by the client. All website copy material was provided by the client as well.

Working with QuantumQik was a fantastic experience. By having a vision, clearly defined set of business goals, copywriting material, and photos definitely helped to make this project a HUGE success.

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