See What Your Next Website Design Project Might Cost You​

Looking for a ballpark figure for your next web design project with Ken Brown? Use my Estimator Tool below to get a Ballpark figure Instantly.

NOTE: The Pricing reflected here is really meant to give a rough estimate associated with building a website in 2020. The details of every project are specific, and each project will need to be properly vetted for an actual cost. Pricing will ultimately vary by designer or agency.

Design costs to factor

The amount of effort that goes into a web design project varies when trying to figure out the average costs. The options I offer range from a pre-designed template (theme), to a standard custom design from scratch or a high-end custom design tailored specific for the client. Any of the 3 choices can and will produce an attractive website, yet all have a different approach. Each website project includes the following activities (hours) as part of the overall ‘Design.’

  • Information Gathering
  • Planning –
    • Information Architecture (IA)
    • User Interface (UI)
    • User Experience (UX)
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Launch

Template Website Design: There are many appealing looking WordPress templates (themes) available and we can use them as a way to keep ‘design hours’ down. We will help you pick one out then implement the template. Even though a website would be using a template (theme) we could still make simple cosmetic changes to the design, and ensure it matches branding requirements.

Standard Website Design: We will go through a more detailed approach to understand your business, your goals and your design taste (look and feel). This type of web design project will be conversion oriented. Taking great measures to ensure the design is both visually pleasing and well thought out to gain more paying clients.

High-End Website Design: With this approach, it will be similar to the one above, except I’ll plan on spending more time on every last detail of the design. Custom icons, fonts, images, and integrations are all scrutinized for design perfection. Website design pricing will be largest for this option.

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