Lead Generation for Beginners

3 Simple Ways to Start Generating Leads From Your Website

So you want to generate leads from your Life Coach website? That’s great! You’ve come to the right place.

However, if you think lead generation is simple because some marketer said so on Social Media, think again.

Frankly, it isn’t an easy task.

Choosing WordPress Web Hosting

6 Best Web Hosting Features to Build a Website on WordPress

Web hosting is the essential function to every Life Coach website. Hosting is the place where all of the website files will live. Think of it as the residence to your coaching website. There are several types of Hosting options for WordPress websites: Free, Shared, and Managed.

With this beginners guide to WordPress Hosting, I’ll help you find the best host option for your Life Coach website.

To better assist your decision-making, I’ve put together a nice comparison of the Top 3 WordPress hosts (based on their quality, reputation and service) of the industry, which include the following tests: Reliability, Speed and Uptime.

Create Website in WordPress

6 Easy Steps to Build a Website on WordPress

So you’re looking to create a life coach website to get found, stand out and get chosen by your ideal clients?

That’s great!

Yet, you’re not 100% on where to begin your website building journey.

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