Web Design Terms Life Coaches Need to Know in 2020

Web Design Terms Life Coaches Need to Know in 2020

I’ve been designing websites for 10+ years. So it’s been natural for me to use “techie talk” with clients. Not so natural for my clients to understand.  So, in order to help Life Coaches get grounded before their next web design project…I thought I would compile a definition list of 25+ technical terms a Web Designer may use. This list WILL grow over time….

7 Reasons Your Life Coach Website Is Driving Visitors Away

Here’s a not-so-known-fact, 70% to 96% of the visitors who leave your Life Coach website will never return. They bounce. On to the next Life Coach.

So, if you’ve noticed your website isn’t up to par with a “desired” performance, making minor changes to your design, messaging or content can yield greater results.

How I Price Out Web Design Projects

How I Price Web Design Projects for Coaches – Website Costs in 2020

Pricing out a web design project nowadays isn’t as straightforward as it once seemed. A simple google search will yield wildly different price points for a business website. It can be quite overwhelming to say the least.

So what is the optimal price range for a Life Coach website?

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